Me at my heaviest… 220lbs!!!

Formerly a carb addict, I’m now a reformed Keto fanatic! Not too long ago I was in the worst possible shape I could be in: mid thirties, 220 lbs at only 5’8”, a memory that was on its way out, and most certainly pre-diabetic. I loved pizza, couldn’t get enough of submarine sandwiches, and was especially fond of carb heavy craft beers. I was a victim of the Standard American Diet, very very S.A.D. indeed.

But all that changed on an unseasonably warm winter day when I couldn’t even go on a bike ride with my son without feeling like I was going to keel over.

I knew something had to give.

I tried fad diets in the past. Even as an avid gym-goer, I could never really get to where I wanted to be. Then a co-worker of mine started talking about this Keto thing in the office, so I had to know more.


Fast forward about a year, chop off 65 lbs, and here I am. I weigh what I did my senior year of high school, my energy levels have me thinking I’m back in my 20’s, and my memory is even surprising my wife. I’m a new man.

But I knew my journey couldn’t end there. I had to share what I learned, and help other people break free of the MyPlate dietary prison.

That’s when Jose and I decided to form Ready, Set, Ketosis! We want to make going Keto a breeze for anyone who wants it, because like we mentioned before: we know going Keto can be tough, we’ve been there.

Keto Meal Ideas. Fueled by Fat.

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